Hmm, did I read this correctly? Does the latest version of the governor’s coronavirus guidelines really stipulate that:

I can get a haircut, but cannot get a tooth cavity filled?

I can play golf but cannot walk on a mile-long state beach?

I can bring my car to a car wash facility but cannot get a book from my local library?

I can patronize a pet groomer but cannot schedule an annual physical exam for myself?

I can shop for a new car but cannot get out of it to attend a religious service?


I can buy a gun but cannot order a sit-down breakfast at a neighborhood cafe?

I can … but cannot … Well, you get the idea.

It strikes me that there must be some effective lobbying taking place at the State House. And I suspect many folks besides myself would be curious to know who exactly is making the decisions about what is and is not allowable and what the rationale is for those distinctions.

Michael Beaudoin


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