While I understand many people like to celebrate July Fourth with fireworks, I do believe enough is enough!

Portland is a densely populated city, and much of that population does not appreciate the noise of the fireworks going off all day and into the night. Everything in moderation, if you please!

Many of us have animals that are very disturbed by the noise and the rumblings they feel from the blasts, and no one can explain to an animal what’s going on! So if you don’t have a concern for the human population, give some thought to the four-legged pets that also live in this city.

I can’t even imagine how frustrating it must be to finally get a baby to sleep, only to have him or her awakened by loud noise from fireworks.

Now maybe these issues haven’t come into your consideration. I hope, if that’s the case, you will think about it in the future and take the fireworks to a remote area outside the city to enjoy them!

Diane Caputo


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