The Democratic Party is lucky to have three wonderful U.S. Senate candidates, and ranked-choice voting to put them in your order of preference.

The issue that must be tackled first is getting money out of politics. When this happens, politicians can protect our planet by passing a Green New Deal, expand Medicare for all Americans, fund public schools fully and be accountable to individual voters, not corporations.

Betsy Sweet can be our champion. Betsy has taken zero dollars from corporate PACs or the Democratic National Committee. She has the experience and vision to represent Maine in the Senate.

She’s worked on every state budget for the last 37 years and wrote and helped pass the nation’s first Family Medical Leave Act. Imagine all the money spent on these negative ads, put to better use investing in our great state.

We plan on proudly ranking Betsy Sweet first on July 14, and we hope you’ll consider doing the same.

Andrea and Paul Maguire


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