As we reflect on Bill Nemitz’s July 9 column about Lois Griswold’s capturing of a poignant moment of our humanity, one in which upward of 10 men are seen banding together in York to save a scuba diver’s life, the symbolism of what we must all do in fighting the pandemic is powerful.

I presume these men did what they did because at the moment they knew a life was at risk. That diver did not declare whether he was a Democrat or a Republican, and it certainly did not matter to those men in the chain. They saw a life, and all life is precious, so they acted in unison to save it.

The odds are there were both Republicans and Democrats in that chain. The saving of the life was not political – it was driven by the love of life. If we could only apply the same immediacy to wearing masks, staying 6 feet apart and respecting one another, we will most certainly save lives.

Tracy Floyd
Cape Elizabeth

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