I read with interest your follow-up articles regarding recent COVID-19 outbreaks. As a front line provider, I know firsthand the devastating impacts on our communities.

I am dismayed by the state’s “no teeth” response to the outbreak at the Millinocket inn and reports that the jails are also not insisting on staff being masked. My husband and I have seen firsthand some establishments basically doing the minimum: posting a sign and feeling they are “covered” with regard to state compliance. No wonder if they only get their hands slapped for ignoring guidelines.

I can appreciate this puts a greater burden on the restaurant owners, who have already born the brunt of pandemic restrictions.

We all need to think about the greater good. I know it is hard putting on masks and a shield in hot places – I do it every day to protect my patients and fellow staff members. If the state is serious about compliance they should issue deterrent fines substantial enough to correct outright non-compliance. They have had plenty of time to learn the rules.

I’m tired of scofflaw establishments. It’s not hard, clean your hands, mask your face and stay apart.

Leah Mahoney
North Yarmouth

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