In the novel “A Man Called Ove,” the narrator observes: “It is difficult to admit that one is wrong. Particularly when one has been wrong for a very long time.”

Many people, in 2016, voted for Donald Trump to be president. Now, those who voted for him, and those who may be inclined to vote for him in 2020, need to answer some questions:

• Do I want a president who bases decisions on facts or on his own hunches?

• Should a president support his country’s friends, or is it better to favor its enemies?

• Should he respect the expertise of professionals, such as scientists and diplomats, instead of his own preconceptions or wishes?

• Should he know and follow the law, or does he bend and break the law?

Anyone who made a mistake in 2016, or takes a risk in 2020, needs to weigh the consequences. Even if you have been wrong for a very long time.

Brian Hodgkin

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