I am a Central Maine Power customer, because I don’t have a choice, and I am fed up. CMP has overcharged me drastically since 2018. I have been disputing it with them for as long. I am not willing to set up a payment arrangement on amounts that I do not owe.

As displayed on my bill, my usage is all over the map while in actuality, it is consistent. The extremely high amounts I was charged are unprecedented in my usage history.

I have contacted CMP many times and very often, they have no record of my previous calls. They have listed potential reasons for my high usage, but none of them apply. I want the threatening disconnect notices stopped. The notices are not approved by the Public Utilities Commission, making them attempts to intimidate people. For me, they are unnerving.

On top of COVID and my working and attending full-time college from home, I have a mother in hospice and a daughter pregnant with twins and experiencing complications. In emergencies, I have my grandchildren (ages 2 and 6). Although my electric use does not affect them, the threat of losing it torments me.

For the PUC to find that CMP didn’t overcharge customers is absurd. Furthermore, that has not been proven, based on the fact that so many people are continuing to be affected. The extra usage has not been explained, and until it is, CMP is getting away with overcharging and the PUC is letting it happen.

Something is very wrong here.

Karen George

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