On June 14, Democratic primary voters will do well to nominate District Attorney Jonathan Sahrbeck for reelection.

During his first term, Jon has shown a combination of compassion and efficiency that has gained him the respect of not only area law enforcement officials, but also of the criminal defense bar and the mental health and substance abuse communities.

Jon came to office in 2018 with more than 10 years of full-time experience prosecuting criminal cases in Massachusetts and Maine with special emphasis on domestic abuse, drug-related offenses and human trafficking. He has been constructively involved in community programs to help crime victims, reduce inappropriate incarceration and divert drug abuse cases from the criminal justice system toward programs of recovery. He has strengthened resources to combat domestic violence and worked with all stakeholders to reform criminal justice in Cumberland County.

Let’s nominate this talented and experienced Cape Elizabeth native for another productive term of public service!

Peter L. Murray

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