The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating dozens of crimes including cases of theft, vandalism and criminal mischief that police believe were committed by several young people in multiple communities.

In a news release Saturday, the sheriff’s office said that since October 2022 it has taken over 30 reports of criminal mischief involving mailboxes and signs in the towns of Gray, New Gloucester, North Yarmouth and Pownal. Most incidents occurred overnight and appeared to involve multiple people in vehicles.

The sheriff’s office received new information about possible suspects this week and, after multiple interviews, identified a group of young people as suspects. It said the interviews, along with evidence collected over the course of several months, are now being used to solve more than 50 crimes, including cases of vandalism and theft in Cumberland and Yarmouth.

“The investigation determined that several groups of juveniles would drive the area and randomly vandalize and steal various items,” the release said. “In some instances, all-terrain vehicles were taken on joy rides, portable bathrooms were knocked over and street signs were stolen.”

The investigation is ongoing and will likely result in several juveniles and young adults being charged with crimes, the release said. Because of the number of crimes and the number of communities and young people involved, the cases will be presented to the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office for review, the sheriff’s office said. Additional information is expected to be released at a later date.

“Many community members were instrumental in reporting these crimes and determining who the suspects were,” the release said. “The Sheriff’s Office appreciates the attentiveness of the citizens and their willingness to step forward with information.”

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