“I’ve long said, ‘Never underestimate the extent of your influence.’ It has a corollary: What a difference one person can make. This was brought home to me this week as I finished reading Tim Cotton’s ‘The Detective in the Dooryard: Reflections of a Maine Cop.’ It’s a light read by a homegrown Bangor cop. A large part of its appeal is how it reaffirms one’s faith in humanity, as drawn through some unique yet universal Maine characters. The other part of its appeal is the introduction and explanation of the Duck of Justice, a formidable internet presence which has brought thousands of people from all over the globe to Bangor. (The Duck has its own apparel line.) At the other end of the spectrum is the tragedy in Lewiston in which one individual painfully impacted thousands of lives in just one night. Both are Maine cop stories. Both show the difference one life can make. It’s been a tough time for cops and for Maine. Cotton’s words and work reaffirm the goodness in our midst. What a difference one person can make.”

M-A BARKER, Portland

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