I’m beyond frustrated with the prevailing media discourse on why Donald Trump is poised to win the GOP nomination, and potentially the presidency, once again. There is so much handwringing about what person X did or what person Y didn’t do. There are a million reasons why we are in this situation, but the most salient one has nothing to do with any politicians, lawyers or judges, or any other individuals in power, including Trump himself. The blame lies with us, the American people.

Why have millions of Americans fallen in line behind such a horrible human being, forging him into an inextricable part of their own identities? Why do they worship someone who is demonstrably a sociopath and megalomaniac? Why has one of the worst men ever to exist captured, everlastingly, the hearts and minds of so many people?

These are existential questions that require reflection, not deflection. We have seen this before. We saw it in 1930s Germany. Throughout history, evil men have risen up to be blindly followed by the masses as beloved leaders. No one wants to accept that Trump’s massive popularity is a symbol of our own moral decline as a civilization … one that is falling as so many other civilizations before ours have fallen.

So, as to the question, “How in the world did we get here?” The answer will not be found among the words of the commentariat. The answer is unspeakable, because it provokes such profound despair.

Lori Day
East Machias

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