Lessons from Lewiston:

• Every assault rifle is a weapon of mass destruction. They are designed to maximize death and are used that way.

• Now that we have experienced sheltering in place while an active shooter is roaming among us, let us remember Ukraine and the ruthless man pushing to take innocent lives. It is personal.

• With all of the warning signs, how do we learn to neutralize the threat before the conflict reaches combustion? As in the Middle East, there will be no winners.

• It is unspeakably hard to heal from acts of violence. The pain is so intense. The alternative is a festering wound.

• It doesn’t matter if I am Democrat or Republican. I can go to the library and check out a book that some stranger has previously checked out and returned in good shape, proof that we can play well together. We are community, united.

Thank you to the individual who maintains the American flag in Portland’s Back Cove for all of us. Pray for this country, especially Lewiston. Vote.

M-A Barker

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