As an electric vehicle driver since 2017, I am writing to express my strong support for the proposal to adopt Advanced Clean Car II, a stronger emissions standard for Maine. Maine has always had strong emissions standards, and this is an opportunity to stay true to our history while transitioning to technologies that will provide a cleaner, quieter, more sustainable future.

I love my electric car. No oil changes, no fumes, no engine noise, no trips to the gas station, and, most importantly, significantly reduced CO2 released into the atmosphere. With transportation as Maine’s largest source of climate pollution, we can’t address climate change without reducing pollution coming from our vehicles. These standards will cut climate pollution from cars and trucks by three-quarters by 2050.

I ask of the Board of Environmental Protection to adopt the proposed ACCII standards which will save Mainers money, reduce air pollution, and speed along Maine’s efforts to tackle climate change. An increase in natural disasters like the flooding we’ve seen over the past year is something Maine can’t afford. Let’s take action to create a healthy future we can afford.

Lillian Harris



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