I am proud of Sen. Angus King for stating the obvious: that if we do not support, with weapons, Ukraine’s battle for freedom, we will be encouraging future wars. North Korea, China and Iran are all watching our resolve, and the one thing we know of bullies is that if they are not confronted, they will only go on to engage in further cowardly and cruel acts.

Before WWII, there were weak American individuals who wanted to make peace with Hitler or stated that America did not need to get involved. The result was 70 million to 85 million deaths worldwide, including almost half a million Americans, all because of our failure to confront the bullies before the battles began.

Sadly, while a disgraced American commentator interviews the Russian dictator, a U.S. citizen, a Bowdoin graduate and a reporter for the conservative Wall Street Journal, Evan Gershkovich, is in his 100th day of being detained by that same Russian dictator who is killing innocent children in Ukraine.

History will not speak fondly of the cowards in the Senate and House who do not stand up to threats to American principles. Sen. King is a giant among the weak members of Congress.

Peter Cole

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