In his letter to the editor of March 13 (“Popular vote removes voice of Maine voters“), Michael Buhelt claims the Maine Legislature “voted to remove the voice from every Maine citizen, regardless of party or persuasion, and give it to citizens of other states.” He is completely wrong.

States don’t vote. People do. The POTUS is the only office that is voted on by the whole country, and it is about time that the person with the most votes wins. The national popular vote compact actually prevents anyone’s vote from being removed or discounted. Every single vote in the country, no matter where you live, would be counted equally. One person, one vote. That is what the NPV assures. Hardly a radical idea.

I wonder why Buhelt supports the idea of the vote of someone from a smaller state weighing much more than that of a voter in a larger state. That would be like the voters in District 1 or 2, here in Maine, arbitrarily being given more weight than those in the other district for statewide elections. Would he like his own vote to count less than someone else’s, just because of their location?

The NPV assures that everyone is treated equally in the choosing of our most powerful office. It favors neither Republicans nor Democrats, but merely whoever appeals to the largest number of voters.

Nancy O’Hagan

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