Here’s my frustration with the well-stated explanation by a recent op-ed writer of his generation’s “why not” attitude toward Donald Trump (“It’s not only Trump supporters who can understand Trump’s allure,” April 20).

I get the writer’s pain of paying for an expensive college education and the frustration of not being able to afford a house in his desirable hometown of Yarmouth. I’m sure that many of the “why nots” also connect to the future costs of a rapidly changing climate. Probably some young people are concerned that they will have their reproductive choices determined by government regulations. Maybe some think about future governments not representing the majority of the voters. Some may even be upset to witness an ego-driven despot raining cruelty and destruction on a weaker neighbor.

What I don’t get is why the writer thinks Trump is an answer to these frustrations. I don’t think I’ve heard Trump railing against the high cost of education. Any clues from him on how to get more affordable housing built? Any great plans to deal with the future cost of rising sea level and catastrophic weather events? Any promises to respect election results no matter what?

I liked the writer’s phrase “emotional refuge,” but just because we relate to the anger in someone’s ranting shouldn’t give us confidence that they have the wisdom to change things for the better.

Greg Soper
North Yarmouth

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