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Nicole joined Sun Journal’s Western Maine Weeklies group in 2019 as a staff writer for the Franklin Journal and Livermore Falls Advertiser. Later she moved over to the Advertiser Democrat where she covers Oxford Hills communities and School Administrative District 17. She seizes every opportunity to research and write about local history and she enjoys writing features that leave readers with a smile. Nicole graduated summa cum laude from the University of Southern Maine with a B.A. in history and concentration in creative writing. She held audience development and marketing positions at several Maine-based trade media companies in the Portland area before taking on community news. When not working she is an avid reader and fiber artist and enjoys observing local wildlife, from snakes and blue frogs to large game and carnivores. She and her husband, Greg, share their secluded homestead in Peru with an assortment of cats, dogs, alpacas and chickens.