I’m voting Marty Grohman for Congress in the 1st District, not because he’s independent but because he gets things done – at least in Vietnam veterans’ eyes.

Over 2.7 million Americans served in Vietnam; about a third of us are still alive. For us, coming home was anything but a homecoming. Vietnam vets feel America turned a deaf ear. We were America’s forgotten warriors.

Marty Grohman didn’t see it that way. Marty was a driving force to recognize every Maine Vietnam veteran. Marty came to us with a sincere “welcome home”: certificates, specially minted commemorative coins and Veterans Affairs representatives to help.

Why did he make that effort? Not for the Vietnam vet vote – there aren’t enough of us anymore. Marty did this because he saw that a “welcome home and thank you for your service” to a generation of warriors others chose to forget was long overdue. For this proud Vietnam veteran, it was not too late. Thank you, Marty.

Joseph Eugene Foster

U.S. Navy, retired