A recurring argument touted by Republicans is that the Democrats have not gotten over Donald Trump’s 2016 victory and have been out to get him ever since. This argument is not only shallow but also is not in the national interest. Trump did, in fact, win the 2016 election. Also in 2016, it is now well understood, Russia – not Ukraine – played a part in the election process. This event is now history.

As we look toward the 2020 elections, it is imperative that we do everything possible to ensure an open election process without foreign interference. However, looking toward re-election, President Trump has blatantly involved a foreign country to aid him to continue another four years in office.

The impeachment process is about protecting our democratic process moving forward into 2020 and not attempting to rewrite the 2016 election. Coupled with Trump’s abuse of power on numerous occasions, it is as if Trump considers himself a king and not a president who is subject to checks and balances.

Ancient Rome also abhorred the concept of a king. The specter of Caesar declaring himself king (rex) cost him his life. With Trump, it should cost him his presidency.

Thomas Flinn

Old Orchard Beach

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