Every four years the political bashing begins, whether it is at the state or the federal level.

It has been said about Susan Collins that “24 years in Washington is enough!” I agree, but it is also true that 47, 38, 30 and 28 years is also enough. I do not need to mention any names of who I am referring to here.

The point is that when these elected officials remain in office too long, we have all seen what happens and where our country is today. They think they have – and they do have – too much power.

The president of the United States – no matter who he or she is – is limited to eight years in office. This should be the case for all elected local, state and federal government positions.

We need new blood and ideas every so often and therefore we should have term limits in all government positions at any level. Our country would be much more prosperous.

Lindley Deering

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