We’ve witnessed the start of destruction to Maine’s “Enchanted Forest” on the Spencer Road.

“Enchanted” has been the actual name of this area for decades. Enchanted Forest, Enchanted Pond, the Lower and Upper Enchanted Road. It’s in the Gazetteer. It’s why we’re all fighting to save it.

We were crushed when Central Maine Power plowed 12 miles of snowmobile trails down to bare ground last winter, ensuring death to our winter economy had it not been for the court injunction halting construction.

Tourists and residents cried at the sight of our wilderness recreation forest and rugged mountains scarred by a stripped corridor of fire-hazard rubble and chaos.

Out-of-state vehicles and workers blanketed our communities to force this falsely proclaimed, deceptive energy project for Massachusetts, Spain and Quebec. For what? CMP’s clean-energy claims are outright lies. Hydro-Quebec’s “megadam” also destroys Indigenous tribal lands and culture.

Hydro-Quebec refused to testify before any regulatory body to prove their system is clean. There’s never been any substantiated proof of CMP’s and Hydro-Quebec’s claims of greenhouse-gas reductions. In fact, these two foreign corporations paid lobbyists to defeat a Maine Senate bill for an independent study on greenhouse-gas emissions to substantiate their climate claims.

All of Maine’s major environmental groups oppose this project because it is a greenwashed scam. The Enchanted Forest, which once brought a sense of awe, joy and an oasis from the industrialized world, has become a tragic sight of greed, corruption and lies. Vote “yes” on 1 to reject the corridor!

Ashley Tempesta
Caratunk and Gorham

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