I am dismayed the Press Herald would publish an advertisement couched in a letter by Michael Rioux (“Election workers needed to join Republican integrity efforts in Maine,” Sept. 28), soliciting poll watchers for the midterm elections.

We all know that the 2020 election, after multiple audits and 60 court cases, found no evidence of fraud. People may not like the outcome but need to respect the process.

Efforts by the Maine GOP and others to enlist “poll watchers” is a proven method to intimidate voters under the auspices of transparency and interferes with the functioning of our democratic process. The Press Herald should not provide a forum for anybody or group to continue to spread lies about electoral integrity in Maine or in any other state. Your paper has repeatedly admonished those who do, but provided the Republican Election Integrity Team a platform to enlist people to intimidate voters and further undermine our democracy.

Diane Nichols

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