Hopefully, every citizen of Maine will take the time, before they vote, to read the platform that the state Republican Party joyfully passed.

Republicans have not touted this platform much because it is frightening, especially for women. A vote for any Republican, at any level, helps the Republican Party to push forward their goal of second-class citizenship for women.

Women of Maine should vote carefully and vote Democratic. Many people running for office are hiding their party affiliation. Check out their roadside signs. Don’t be fooled. They are embarrassed to be in the Republican Party and don’t want us to know.

Cumberland’s Scott Jordan is one candidate who has put out hundreds of signs. Not one sign mentions the party he represents. He is Republican, of course.

This election is the most significant in our lifetime. Please vote, in person or by absentee ballot, for all Democrats.

Pam Smith
North Yarmouth

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