Like many Mainers, I found myself fixed on the local and national coverage of the tragic events in Lewiston. My emotions went from sadness for the victims, their families and friends, to confusion over what would possibly cause a human being to take so many completely innocent lives, to anger in our system for not addressing the gun laws in our state and country.

I listened carefully to the words spoken at each press conference and, quite frankly, did not have take any feelings of comfort or hope from the speakers with one clear exception: Rep. Jared Golden stood at the podium and said the words that I wanted to hear. He expressed heartfelt compassion and, with no excuses, he acknowledged his past failure to support laws that could have addressed this issue. In the current political environment, it took courage for him to accept responsibility and to vow to take direct action to address this problem.

We should expect this honest and responsible leadership from all representatives at all levels of government. My thanks to Rep. Golden.

Charlene Libby

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