Why is it that referenda in this state have to run the legal gauntlet of being overturned by vested interests, which ply their money into disposing the will of the voters? Why are lawyers who are hired by these vested interests working to stop what has been voted in as law?

Ballot Question 2 (to prohibit foreign spending in Maine elections) was passed by a 6 to 1 margin to keep outside money from polluting the will of Mainers. It’s obvious that Central Maine Power and Versant want to keep cozy with any and all political contributions they can get so their rate structure isn’t impacted.

What flies in my face is why the Maine Association of Broadcasters and the Maine Press Association have joined in the suit to reverse Question 2. If the results of the election don’t coincide with what’s in their editorials, then leave it to the people who heard them and made up their minds anyway. Otherwise, we can all go down the corridor where justice is not served. I’m sending in my donation for a good cause.

Douglas Yohman
East Waterboro

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