6:34 AM

South Korea says 293 missing in ferry disaster

Several photos included in this story Video clip included The high number of people unaccounted for – likely trapped in the ship or floating in the ocean – raises fears that ...

1:00 AM

Maine gun store may be shut for refusing to let ATF copy records

Phil Chabot of Pac N Arms in Sanford is suspected of illegal sales, but he has not been charged and believes he has been unfairly targeted.

1:30 AM

Man charged with hoax in Boston Marathon finish line scare

Police detonated two backpacks and cleared the area Tuesday night after the man told police his backpack contained a rice cooker.

12:25 AM

Mainer's tax refund seized to pay decades-old debt

The government says it has halted a program to collect old debts, some of them owed by deceased relatives of those whose refunds have been seized, according to a report.

Yesterday at 6:57 PM

Flooding predictions worsen for central Maine

The Kennebec River is expected to surpass flood stage late Tuesday and continue rising overnight.

1:00 AM

Portland to appeal ruling on panhandling ban

Portland’s city attorney will seek a delay as a federal appeals court in Boston weighs a similar case from Worcester, Mass.

12:58 AM

Husband didn’t point gun before police in Maine fired, widow says

The woman’s attorney questions why Stephen McKenney of Windham was shot by a deputy, but the sheriff says her account differs from others.

12:45 AM

Is landmark Portland whale mural endangered?

A fading but well-liked fixture on the Maine State Pier since 1993, the so-called Whaling Wall stands in the way of a new commercial venture.

6:18 AM

Speed limit on section of Maine Turnpike reduced to 45 mph

Maine State Police requested the lower limit because of sleet.

Yesterday at 10:09 PM

Maine Senate fails to override LePage’s veto of MaineCare rides bill

The vote along party lines is 20-15, which falls short of the two-thirds majority necessary for a successful override.

12:43 AM

Historian from Maine repeats himself, wins second Pulitzer

Author Alan Taylor, who was inspired by the woods in Buxton while growing up, earns his second prize, for a book on slavery and war in Virginia.

12:50 AM

Nova Scotia residents cheer arrival, and potential, of ferry to Portland Several photos included in this story

The town of Yarmouth gets its first glimpse of the Nova Star, which restores a vital economic link to the American mainland.

1:17 AM

Maine report urges steps to prevent shortage of health-care professionals

A Department of Labor’s Center for Workforce Research and Information report suggests boosting state health-care education enrollment and recruiting more workers from outside Maine.

Yesterday at 11:32 PM

Maine agency to reassess $25 million bond for Thermogen startup

Because the company plans a significant change in its biomass fuel project, a new vote will be taken.

1:00 AM

Maine's planning 'gap' could be disastrous in Quebec-type rail emergency

First on the scene at a rural crude oil accident would likely be volunteer firefighters, many of whom are not versed on oil-spill response plans.

1:19 AM

Local & State Dispatches

Yesterday at 5:43 PM

Bill to remove some Maine highway signs sent to LePage

Officials say the state is at risk of losing some federal highway funding if the signs, which direct travelers to attractions and are popular with businesses, aren’t removed.

Yesterday at 11:14 PM

Sorrow, pride mark Boston Marathon bombing anniversary Several photos included in this story

Vice President Biden and other dignitaries honor three people who were killed and 260 others who were injured in the 2013 attacks.

6:30 AM

Maine AG warns of motor vehicles phone scam

The caller claims to be from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and demands immediate payment for people to avoid arrest or license suspension.

Yesterday at 2:04 PM

Maine Legislature enacts $32 million budget fix

The proposal includes a provision to help hundreds of developmentally disabled Mainers waiting for home- and community-based support services.

12:42 AM

Shenna Bellows gets boost from pro-choice EMILY’s List

The organization's fundraising messages will feature the Democratic candidate who is challenging Sen. Susan Collins.

Yesterday at 7:18 PM

Maine man held in rape of 4-year-old wants out of jail

Eric Bard of Sidney, who has been detained for 21 months on 21 charges, asks a judge to lower his bail.

Yesterday at 7:12 PM

Maine police say three arrests tied to heroin ring

The men are accused of participating in a network distributing an estimated 500 doses of heroin a month in Rumford and Bethel.

1:08 AM

Maine sex trafficking suspects were evicted in 2013

The Sidney father and son accused of sex trafficking were thrown out of a house in North Belgrade.

Yesterday at 10:56 PM

Casual marijuana users show brain changes in study

Longer-term studies are needed to determine if such changes cause symptoms later in life.

Yesterday at 10:44 PM

Cutler releases Maine tax reform plan

Independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler’s plan would reduce property taxes by up to 40 percent, and pay for it by expanding the sales tax.

5:55 AM

Bill Nemitz: There’s no honor for Maine road contest winner

The Maine Better Transportation Association is once again seeking nominations for Maine’s worst road – and there are plenty of candidates.

Yesterday at 6:32 PM

N.H. man who robbed Kittery pharmacy at knifepoint pleads guilty

Robert Pecora, 25, also pleads guilty to a charge in federal court in Portland for running away while out on bail for the heist and stealing guns, cash and vehicle while on the run.

Yesterday at 11:58 PM

Maine students lookin' good with free glasses: Photos

1:22 AM

SAT looking at achievement, not aptitude

With the ACT now more widely used, the SAT has changes coming that make the two tests similar.

Yesterday at 11:20 PM

Court upholds EPA power-plant emission standards

The case has potential air-quality ramifications for Maine, which has been described as the ‘tailpipe’ of the nation.

Yesterday at 12:01 AM

Westbrook woman accused of allowing boyfriend to sexually assault child

Holly Morrison, 34, has been indicted by a grand jury on three counts of gross sexual assault and three counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Yesterday at 10:18 PM

Notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad closed

Images made public in 2004 showed U.S. troops humiliating Iraqi prisoners there.

Yesterday at 12:33 AM

Europe wants its cheese names back, and some Mainers agree Several photos included in this story

The EU says Parmesan, Gorgonzola and others are special to certain regions, and some Maine cheese-makers support the idea.

1:00 AM

Smithsonian finally gets its Tyrannosaurus rex fossil

The skeleton, found in Montana in 1988, is being loaned to the Washington museum for 50 years.

Yesterday at 5:16 PM

Patio season: Eat and drink on these Maine outdoor decks

Since cocktails always taste better outside, when the sun shines you can take advantage of these outdoor spots thanks to local bars and restaurants.

Yesterday at 12:18 AM

Maine treasure hunter Greg Brooks scrutinized by state fraud agency

The Office of Securities is soliciting information from investors or would-be investors.