Portland’s Question 2 referendum empowers tiny groups of neighbors to overrule the will of Portlanders and our elected officials. Voting “no” on Portland Question 2 will prevent this.

Often, the city, property owners or developers need to make minor changes to zoning ordinances to construct affordable housing, new schools, an emerging business or a hospital expansion.

Some argue that we all should simply live within our existing zoning. The reality is that Portland’s zoning is over 50 years old, so we need to be able to make minor revisions to accommodate today’s needs.

The way we live, shop and do business will always evolve, and zoning will never be able to fully keep up. Our citizens and elected officials need to be able to tweak zoning ordinances. Shifting this authority and democratic process to pockets of upset neighbors is simply wrong. Please vote “no” on Question 2 in Portland.

Dana Totman

president and CEO, Avesta Housing


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