Expanding Medicaid (Question 2 on the statewide ballot Nov. 7) is the right thing on many levels.

It is humane and right to provide affordable health care to those near or below the poverty line. No one deserves to be sick. We all deserve to be as healthy as we can be.

It is also the more fiscally and economically correct course. Preventive and early intervention heath care simply costs less, not only to the individual seeing the doctor, in terms of out-of-pocket co-pays, but also the visit itself.

Emergency room visits are expensive. They frequently require more intensive medical intervention, including more involved tests to find out what the problem is.

And if the patient cannot afford it – as is likely if they would be covered by this expansion – then you and I wind up picking up the higher costs when our insurance rates go up to cover the gap.

Jeffrey Kaplan


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