Gary Reed of Falmouth complained in a letter to the editor published March 27 that Sen. Cathy Breen and an unnamed contact at the Office of the State Controller did not respond to his request for a tax form he needed.

My first response was to say, “Really?” By the time Mr. Reed penned his complaint to the editor, he could have called back either office, called the Internal Revenue Service or stopped by the Falmouth library. If Mr. Reed had access to a computer, he could have simply Googled the IRS. As he is a former state legislator himself (unless there are two Gary Reeds living in Falmouth), I would think that he knows his way around a bureaucracy.

So, what gives? If Mr. Reed’s purpose was to put Sen. Breen in an unfavorable light, his efforts failed when, the very next day, her response showed up in the letter to the editor column. And now for Part II of the story: It seems Mr. Reed had his response from Sen. Breen’s office within four hours of his request.

I, too, am a constituent of Sen. Breen and am amazed at the amount of time she spends serving our community and our citizen Legislature. She is always prepared with facts, has developed a huge network and takes action. In fact, one day I’d be happy to cast my vote for Sen. Breen for any higher office she aspires to!

Mr. Reed’s insinuation was inappropriate and served no purpose. By the way, I offer another source for Mr. Reed. The local IRS number is 207-879-4683. You can call between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Margery Gruber


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