Client specialties
I often work with people who are moving here from away, and I love showing all that Maine has to offer, such as the best place to grab a breakfast sandwich, the hidden gems of the great outdoors, and even simple lifestyle tips like where to buy dog food where the owners will remember your name.
Working with first-time homeowners is really rewarding, too – walking them through the process and keeping things straight-forward while they’re both thrilled and terrified.

Falling in love with real estate
I was an emergency room nurse, which involved many of the same character traits that come in handy as a real estate agent: connecting with people, earning their trust and leading them through unfamiliar situations.
While living for a few years in Oakland, Calif., I bought (and ultimately sold) my first home. That’s when my eyes were really opened to the opportunities that real estate has to offer, as both an investment and a career.

Buying advice
The buyer broker you choose is someone you will be spending a lot of time with until you find your perfect home. I think of us as a team, and I build a strong rapport with my clients. I give more hugs at closings than handshakes!
Also, as any agent will tell you, it’s best to have your financing ready so you’re prepared to bid when you find the house you want. It’s a fast-moving market!

Why Benchmark?
As Mainers, we love to buy local – eat local, drink local and invest our time locally. That’s why I chose to work at Benchmark. Benchmark is a locally owned agency and truly part of the Greater Portland community.

Jes Wallimann can be contacted at 207-775-0248 (office), 207-939-6832 (cell) or
Benchmark Residential & Investment Real Estate
72 Pine St., #16, Portland