In response to a letter published Sept. 21, titled “Fight climate change with deeds, not words” (Page A6), let me say simply: The students participating in the climate rally were magnificent! Their involvement, and that of their peers around the world, was truly inspirational, and a sign that humanity finally is waking up to its responsibilities.

The writer (Ted Bennett) goes on to say that the students who participated in the climate rally might be hypocrites if they don’t turn out the lights or compost their garbage or limit their shower time, etc., but he is missing the point entirely. Given the crisis at hand, everyone should be encouraged to speak out, no matter how green their behavior or upbringing.

The most galling statement made by Mr. Bennett, however, is his accusation that students should not act “like you know better than the taxpaying adults who are paying for your education.” We know better? If we knew better, there would be no crisis. If we knew better, we would have begun taking corrective steps 40 years ago, when scientists began to describe the consequences of unchecked fossil fuel consumption. If we knew better, we wouldn’t have a climate change denier in the White House.

Tragically, students understand that our generation, up until now, has failed them. As to what to do about it, they understand that, too: Follow the science, and be quick about it.

Joe Hardy


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