I am flattered that prominent Portland trial lawyer Terrance Duddy (Letter to the editor, Oct. 14) chose to discredit my support of Republican Sen. Susan Collins.

I am amused that he wrote, as if it is fact, “This is not a likability election.” It is for me because I like Susan Collins very much.

Mr. Duddy criticizes me for not talking issues in my 25 seconds of fame. So, let me say that Susan Collins founded the Senate Diabetes Caucus, founded the Alzheimer’s Task Force, helped restore the Penobscot River, enhanced Maine’s fish hatcheries, protected our national parks, overhauled America’s intelligence communities, wrote a tax credit to benefit teachers and authored the Paycheck Protection Program – $2.3 billion that supported 250,000 Maine jobs during a pandemic, accomplished while the Maine Legislature was shut down.

People from away are spending $70 million “Swift Boating” Susan in an ugly smear campaign. I’m disappointed in my fellow Bangorian for taking part in it.

Bill Green

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