Maine State Police detectives said Kimberly Neptune of Perry was stabbed hundreds of times by the couple that is accused of killing her during a robbery in April.

Donnell Dana, 39, and Kailie Brackett, 38, were both charged with murder on April 29, about a week after Neptune’s bloody body was discovered by her brother in her apartment. Dana and Brackett are being held in Washington County Jail.

A state police affidavit released this week said that Neptune, 43, was stabbed in her legs, stomach, neck and head. The Medical Examiner’s office said it found 484 knife wounds on her body, police said.

The affidavit said Brackett was overheard in the days leading up to the attack repeatedly telling people around Perry that Neptune had stolen money from her and “would regret it.”

“Brackett was talking to anyone who would listen to her,” the affidavit said.

Brackett learned that Neptune had cash and drugs a few days before the attack and she told another woman of her plan to rob Neptune, the affidavit alleges.


She apparently convinced Dana, with whom she had a child, to help with the robbery, police said. Both Dana and Brackett knew Neptune well – Dana said he had been her roommate a few years before the alleged robbery, and Brackett and Neptune apparently had an ongoing relationship, the affidavit said.

According to police, once in Neptune’s apartment, Brackett scooped up the drugs and money while Dana violently attacked Neptune. Brackett later told a friend that she, too, stabbed Neptune, the police affidavit said.

The two rolled Neptune’s body in a blanket, the affidavit said, and then tried to clean up the scene. But the affidavit says that Brackett and Dana had been taking drugs and drinking before the attack and were unable to do much. Police said the bedroom where Neptune’s body was found contained bloodstained pillows, blankets and clothes, and the clothes Neptune had on were “saturated” with blood.

Dana and Brackett later disposed of their clothes, a club and other evidence, police said.

Dana denied any involvement in Neptune’s murder in interviews with police during the week after her body was found. He said he was at his mother’s house the entire night that the robbery and attack took place.

The affidavit said detectives examined Dana during one interview and noted scratches on his chest and marks on his lower legs and right ear.

The affidavit doesn’t include any information attributed directly to Brackett or indicate if police asked to interview her.

Neptune was a Passamaquoddy citizen and tribal leaders have said they helped coordinate the investigation, which was conducted by both local and state police.

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