When we moved to Maine, we got one question most often: “Do you have a generator?” Our response: “What on Earth are you talking about?”

We found out soon enough – our power went out three times that first year. We lost power more times our first two years in Maine than in 40 years combined living in nine other states. We see this blamed on “the trees” – Maine is the country’s most forested state. But we lived in Vermont (No. 4) and New Hampshire (No. 2) and, in that entire time, never lost power.

The charm offensive being waged by CMP is not enough to get past the one-two punch of eye-watering electric bills and unreliable power. Is it so hard to believe that politicians who actually live in Maine might have more of a vested interest than foreign investors in keeping the power on?

R. Aileen Yingst

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