A Sept. 26 letter regarding Question 1 is deceptive and reeks of rhetoric.

Those earning over $128,400 in wages would be taxed 1.9 percent, not 3.8 percent. Those exceeding $128,400 in non-wage income would be taxed 3.8 percent.

Because of federal HIPAA laws, this proposal cannot violate privacy any more than physicians can.

Caregivers might benefit from collective bargaining but won’t be required to join a union.

No one has officially determined that this proposal is unconstitutional.

The director of Maine’s Small Business Coalition said he talks every day with members who support Question 1: Maine residents who would prefer to age in homes they know, surrounded by family, not in nursing homes.

This proposal will be on the November ballot because the Legislature has been unable to address this issue. If you agree that Maine’s elderly and disabled deserve to be properly cared for in their homes, vote “yes” on Question 1.

Jerry Genesio


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