After reading negative advertisements in multiple newspapers about House District 23 Rep. Lester Ordway, R-Standish, I am compelled to write this letter.

The negative ads don’t describe Lester at all. I’ve known him for approximately two years and have found him to be honest, caring, humble and a straight shooter.

Lester Ordway’s re-election campaign is built on a shoestring budget with small donations. He hates asking for money, but doesn’t want to take money from the state.

His opponent, Tim Goodwin, is using state Clean Election money to run his campaign; therefore, he can run ads in several different papers. I understand that Mr. Goodwin had to sign the Maine Code of Fair Campaign Practices to receive state funds. So why is he defaming a good man who would never do that to anyone else?

Please join me in supporting Lester Ordway for re-election, so that he may continue to represent us in Augusta for another two years.

Pat Knight


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