I have reason to drive between Yarmouth and Portland every day. During the peak of the foliage season I was distressed to see so many out-of-state license plates, but figured the numbers would drop soon. Not so far.

One day last week I counted no fewer than 40 out-of-state plates from Exit 15 in Yarmouth to Tukey’s Bridge, mostly from Massachusetts and New York, two states with much greater infection rates than we have. But now our numbers are skyrocketing, too. I can’t be the only person who makes the connection between those coming here to escape the virus (and some bringing it with them), and our alarming increase in cases.

I call upon the governor to stop this constant flow with new, enforceable mandates to keep those who live here safe. We are rightly urged to forgo Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings. This goes down hard, however, when new sources of infection are allowed to come with impunity.

Judith L. Pollock

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