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Bar Guide: Big and bold, Easy Day serves up ten-pin with its daily drink specials

The staff is welcoming, quick, and accommodating.

Lobster Shack Season

Along with fiddleheads and the shedding of hats and gloves, a sign that the long Maine winter has come to an end is the re-opening of lobster shacks. Find 20 authentic places to eat Maine seafood on

Maine's Best Beer Bars

Ebenezer's Pub, Novare Res, The Great Lost Bear: these three are regularly ranked among the top beer bars in the nation. But Mainers know they are not the only worthy ones. Check out 10 great places to "drink local" on

Maine Diners

In Maine’s increasingly cutting-edge culinary landscape, diners are old-school stalwarts, turning out hearty breakfasts, chowders and meatloaf for legions of fans. See a guide to the state's best on



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