Zak Ringelstein is the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate for the state of Maine. The differences between him and Republican Eric Brakey are obvious. What may not be obvious, though, are differences compared to Angus King, the independent incumbent.

For example, Zak Ringelstein supports universal health care, aka Medicare For All, and Angus King has refused to sign on or support this in Congress. It is not a coincidence that Angus King has received at least $80,000 in campaign contributions from the health and life insurance companies over his senatorial career. As profit-driven companies, their stockholders would be affected by universal health care, and they will donate to anyone who will maintain the status quo. Compare that to Zak Ringelstein, who is not taking any corporate or political action committee contributions.

This frees him from special interests to truly represent the people of Maine in the U.S. Senate.

Another area where there is a clear difference caused by financial conflicts is the energy industry and its effects on the environment, locally, nationally and globally. Zak Ringelstein wants to create a 100 percent renewable-energy system by 2035, and Angus King voted to allow pipelines expedited approval by allowing them to disregard local opposition to their routings.

One final note: Four years ago, Angus King endorsed Republican Susan Collins’ re-election bid for Senate over the Democratic challenger, Shenna Bellows.

Angus King is not as independent as he would like you to think.

Jeffrey Kaplan


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