I am writing to support my friend and colleague Phil Spiller for mayor of Westbrook.

I have known for Phil for more than 15 years. We met in pilot training at JetBlue Airways, where we are both now captains.

In one of our first conversations, he mentioned the city of Westbrook. His love and passion for that part of the country are truly amazing. We both share a common desire to serve the citizens in our communities. I live in Emerald Isle, North Carolina, where I serve as a local commissioner. Westbrook has a unique opportunity to have an ambassador who not only loves where he is from, but also proudly represents it everywhere he flies.

Phil truly lives and breathes for his home of Westbrook. What an advantage to have Phil bring the good in and keep the negative out with his travels. A true guardian of Westbrook.

Mark Taylor

Emerald Isle, N.C.

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