Following the recall of three members of our Board of Education last spring, Scarborough voters will elect five new members Tuesday. While many are happy to have a fresh start, some are justifiably concerned about the effectiveness of an inexperienced board.

Emily Read is exactly the candidate to help ease Scarborough Public Schools through this difficult transition. She has board and budgeting experience from her years on the Scarborough Public Library Board of Trustees, as well as the temperament, open-mindedness and diplomacy needed to navigate the bumpy terrain of Scarborough politics.

Emily is skilled at gathering information and soliciting feedback from diverse stakeholders before making policy decisions, and she knows how our municipal government works, including how various departments interact to serve our community better.

Emily also understands education, and she’s passionate about meeting the needs of all learners. She has our enthusiastic support!

Kristin Allen

Erin Rowan


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